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Why Are Vancouverites Building Custom Homes in Kamloops?

Are you a Vancouver local looking to build in Kamloops? While Vancouver offers a bustling city core and breathtaking nature, it’s not the only BC city offering this attractive combination.

Kamloops is one of BC’s most beautiful cities, offering luxury living at a fraction of the price. So, why are people choosing to move away from Vancouver and into Kamloops? As Kamloops home builders, we’ve got the inside scoop…

Living in Kamloops

A city for every season, Kamloops is the kind of place where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy what the area has to offer. Brimming with nature trails and outdoor adventures, Kamloops is an attractive city for those looking to relocate from Vancouver. Home to 200 lakes and a world-class ski resort, your outdoor adventures are set year-round. With a unique mix of landscapes, from desert plateaus and river valleys to lush forests trails and mountain peaks, the nature of Kamloops is truly unbeatable.

In addition to the plentiful sources of outdoor recreation, Kamloops has a great sense of modern living. Much like Vancouver, Kamloops gives you the best of both worlds, but at a fraction of the cost. As a result, Kamloops housing demands are increasing as more people make the move from BC’s neighbouring cities.

Why Build in Kamloops?

There are many reasons why Vancouverites choose to build in Kamloops. As the community continues to grow, the city is seeing individuals and families from Vancouver, Fraser Valley, the Lower Mainland, even the Prairie provinces. Here’s why our clients are making the move from Vancouver to Kamloops…

  • Affordability. The cost of living is 38% more expensive in Vancouver than it is in Kamloops. When comparing the average monthly cost of the two cities, including rent and mortgage rates, food, recreation, transportation, and more, Kamloops is much more affordable.
  • Easier Commute. If you’re a working professional making the daily trip from Langley to Downtown Vancouver, you’ll appreciate the ease of transportation in Kamloops. While the average Canadian takes 25 minutes to get to work each day, large city commuters dedicate three times that. When living in Kamloops, you can spend more time at home and less on the highway.
  • Vibrant Culture. With a thriving cosmopolitan center, Kamloops is rich in arts, shopping, and other amenities that make this an exciting city to build in.
  • Great Investment. The population of Kamloops is growing with no end in sight. So, when you build in Kamloops, you’re investing in an appreciating property with endless opportunities.
  • City Escape. Vancouver is an exciting place to live. However, everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the city at some point. Because of this, Vancouverites are building custom cottages or vacation homes in Kamloops. This gives them the escape they’re craving in a convenient location.
  • A City to Put Down Roots. As people settle down, couples start to have families, or professionals look to retire, Kamloops offers the allure of a safe, quiet, affordable community. With the makings of a modern city surrounding by beautiful, natural landscapes, Kamloops is a great place to build a life.

Looking for a Custom Home Builder in Kamloops?

From the breathtaking nature to the bustling city core, there’s a place for everyone here in Kamloops. While the outdoors offers incredible views, there’s nothing that compares to the comfort of your own, custom living space.

So, where can you find a custom home builder in Vancouver for your Kamloops property? Whether it be your new forever home or a vacation cottage, your dream of building a custom home in Kamloops can become a reality with Interior Elite Contracting.

Our team has worked with many Vancouver clients who love the versatility, affordability, and high standard of living Kamloops brings. As your custom home builders, we promise to do everything we can to make the process simple and stress-free, with beautiful end results. Reach out today for a quote!