Custom Homes

From foundation to finishing, we build quality, attractive custom homes. Our customers know they can come to us with any question – and that they will receive an honest, solution-based response.



You’ve chosen a capable team that you can trust. Interior Elite Contracting walks you through the plans for your building with total transparency. These plans are then finalized and submitted to the municipal building permit office for review. Site tests may be done to examine the water table, the soil and the bearing capacity of the ground and to conduct environmental tests. With this information, final adjustments can be made to our building plans.


Foundation & Framing

Your house is staked out and the land is prepared. Excavation is done, and the footings are formed and poured. The foundation walls are erected, and the foundation can now be insulated and damp-proofed. Weeping tiles are installed, and outside perimeter is backfilled. At this time, you can start to make choices on flooring, tiles, cabinets and so on. While it will be weeks before these items are installed, they should be ordered early to prevent delays. We will do our best to accommodate changes and additions, and be up front about the impact on cost and scheduling.

Interior & Exterior Trim

Exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof are assembled. This will likely include a framing skeleton and applying exterior sheeting. Now that the frames are built, roofing is completed as quickly as possible. Windows and doors are installed. We work hard to do this quickly, to ensure your building is protected from the elements. The basement floor is installed. Electrical and plumbing services are roughed in, and ducting is put into place.



The exterior walls and the roof are insulated, drywall is installed. Walls and ceilings are painted, flooring is laid down, cabinets are installed. Heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical fixtures are put in. Trim and siding are applied, and interior doors are hung. Porches and custom decks are built. Final lot grading is done, and the driveway and walkways are put in.
Next we’ll complete the final touches and clean up. We’ll do a walk through with you, and then last-minute touch-ups will be done. On the date of possession, you will be handed the keys-the home is now yours!