Commercial Construction

We specialize in one-of-a-kind commercial spaces for our clients, ensuring you are involved through the entire process from conceptualization to completion.

Our Process


This is the planning and design phase. Our staff drafter can draw up plans so you can visualize your new space in more detail. Then, our certified interior designer will assist you in making choices for fixtures and finishes to make sure the space is completely customized for you. Want a 3D render to bring it to life? Let us develop a 3D render of the space for your mobile device.


We start with surveying and prepping to build. From there, we begin laying the foundation and building frames. Insulation, weeping tiles and backfilling happen quickly, and then you start picking out finishes to be installed later on. Should you change your mind about the tiles, flooring, cabinetry or other choices you make initially, we will do our best to accommodate you. Our project managers will ensure the project stays on budget, and coordinate subtrades as necessary.

Post-Project Wrap-Up

At the tail-end of your project, Interior Elite installs interior doors and windows. Any finishes you have chosen are installed and cleaned. Your choices of flooring, tiles, cabinetry, and appliances are implemented here. Walk through the finished product with us, and we will do last-minute touch-ups as needed. You are then free to occupy the space, whether that is an office, tenant suite, or something else.

Additional Services

Interior Design
Our sustainability-minded interior designers can assist you in designing a beautiful space for any use.

Budget Analysis
Let our team crunch the numbers for you so that you can focus on the renovation itself.

Build Management
Our experts will oversee the operation of your renovation to ensure quality care is provided.

Building & Installation
Should you need construction or installation services in regards to your renovation, we can help.