Visual display of custom home built by Interior Elite Contracting Ltd.

Custom vs Spec Home: Best One For You?

Should you choose a custom or spec home for your build? If you’re in the market for a new home, you may be considering having a home built for you. While this is an exciting venture for you and your family, it also comes with hefty decisions and an array of options. When building a new home, there are two options of builds available: custom and speculative (or spec).

When working with Kamloops builders such as Interior Elite Contracting, they can walk you through the pros and cons to both options to decide which is best for you. Factors such as budget, life stage, and long-term plans will impact whether a custom or spec home is best suited to you.

What is a Custom Home?

In choosing a custom home, you’re building a highly personalized, one-of-a-kind property. Unlike spec homes, custom homes will grant you control over the design and planning, with the help of the builders, including the floor plan and interior design. You’ll have the option to supply your own floor plan or commission a set of plans to be drawn from scratch from an architect or housing company.

Companies such as Interior Elite are a design-build company, giving them the ability to manage architectural design and the construction. As a homeowner, merging the design and build allows the company to design within your vision, budget, and timeline.

Why Choose a Custom Home?

1. Individualized and Flexible Design

The greatest advantage of choosing a custom home is the architectural control you’ll have throughout the design and build. Choosing custom allows you to design the home of your dreams, customized to your specifications. Whether it be the placement of wall outlets, the colour of paint, the interior lighting, or finish of the countertop, the final say is yours.

2. Long-Term Planning

When you are given the chance to design your own home, you’re building for the future. This long-term investment will give you the opportunity to design with your present and future in mind. It also prevents renovations needed later as you design to your own specifications.

3. Location

Spec homes are typically built within specific communities alongside other similar specs. However, with custom builds, you can choose the location and build anywhere, with the proper permits of course. You can choose a location based on school zone, recreational activities, real estate trends, or if you have a plot of land you want to live on.

What is a Spec Home?

A spec home is built from a pre-designed plan determined by the builder. Spec homes are typically designed to fit a specific mold, for example a family consisting of two parents and children, or young professionals seeking a first-time buy. They’re often built to fit a variety of individuals and families; however, you won’t have much control when it comes to the design of the home.

The professionals at Interior Elite can assist in determining which floor plan and design bet suits your needs when choosing a spec home. While spec homes may not offer the degree of individualization that custom homes do, they’re often the quicker and more cost-efficient choice of builds.

Why Choose a Spec Home?

1. Quick Construction

Typically, by the time a spec home is on the market to buy, the construction is nearly complete. This allows you to move into your new home sooner rather than later. If you’re looking to move into a home within the next 6 months, a spec home grants that option while a custom home needs a year or more to be completed.

2. Simplicity

When you buy a spec home, most of the tough and time-consuming choices have already been made. You won’t need to worry about the hassle of coordinating the architects, designers, builders, or granting permits.

3. Affordability

Spec homes are oftentimes considerably cheaper than custom builds. Since the company is designing and building from pre-planned layouts, they can purchase materials in bulk resulting in a more affordable home.

4. Good Resale Value

Since spec homes are designed to appeal to large audiences, this can work in your favour when listing it on the market

5. Visit Before You Buy

Unlike custom homes which live primarily in your imagination, spec homes grant the chance to physically view and experience the floor plan and interior design. You can visit a spec home to ensure you’re happy with the layout before purchasing.

Building Your New Home

When building a new home, whether it be a spec or custom design, it’s important to choose a contracting company that has your best interest, timeline, and budget in mind. The team at Interior Elite Contracting are experienced spec and custom home builders. As your go-to Kamloops home builders, they can provide you with expert design, construction, and guidance throughout your build. Get a quote today on the build for you new home.