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Eco-Conscious Commercial Construction in BC

Building in BC is not typically synonymous with environmentally friendly practices. Yet these do not have to be two separate wants—there can be overlap. Kamloops’ very own Interior Elite has taken steps to be that overlap. Completely Canadian-owned, Interior Elite has been building for almost ten years. From custom homes to commercial construction, Interior Elite strives to make energy-efficient buildings for all. Your dreams are possible when you work with us, and you can see the evidence yourself! Keep reading to discover the environmental steps that we take to help our planet.

Above and Beyond Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the effective ways of reducing your environmental footprint when doing construction. The amount of energy that is required to heat your home, keep your fridge cool, and do other necessary tasks like these can drastically change from place to place.

We abide by step code 3 energy efficiency, rising above the required step code level 2 that is mandatory for new commercial construction in Kamloops. This means that we are aiming above the standard of 20% better energy efficiency in the homes that we build. EnerGuide, a third party that evaluates the energy usage in our homes, helps us achieve that goal. To us, minimizing our environmental impact is a top value that will help us create a greener future.

Taking Action for A Better Planet

The Government of BC created CleanBC as the province’s plan to lower climate-changing emissions drastically before we reach 2030. One of the ways that we are working with them toward this goal is through different rebate programs for people looking to build a more planet-friendly commercial space. After our commercial construction, we will direct bill CleanBC for you to reduce your overall total for the project and make the process as streamlined as possible.

Few Kamloops builders are able to say that they work with CleanBC’s Income Qualified Program, but Interior Elite can. Interior Elite operates with the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity for a brighter, greener future—and we also believe that starts with us.

From Start To Finish

Our interior designers at Interior Elite are certified with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). By following LEED standards, we can help make your commercial construction project environmentally conscious from beginning to end. Water conservation, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly materials are our focus, and we strive to achieve these goals as perfectly as possible.

Let’s work together to create a commercial space that is styled to your needs without compromising on your values for creating a healthier, happier planet.

Commercial Construction with a Conscience

Interior Elite builds beautiful, eco-conscious commercial construction projects for various clients around Kamloops, BC. One of our commitments is to environmental sustainability and making a positive social impact on the world around us. If this aligns with your values and you are looking to start a commercial construction project, contact us today! We would love to have an initial conversation about the scope of your project.