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Everything You Need to Know About Building A New Deck

Starting a project is often the most stressful part of the project. There are many undetermined factors in the beginning that can be the difference between a good experience and a dreadful one. A trustworthy, communicative, and skilled team is what you need: you will get all of this and more when you work with Interior Elite Contracting. We offer the highest quality materials with a full warranty—read more about these materials below.

Composite or Vinyl?

Choosing the right decking material for your home in Kamloops, BC, is a major factor in determining the longevity and durability of your decking. The most frequently used materials for decking in BC are composite and vinyl. Both of these materials are high quality and weather resistant but have nuances that will affect which product is better for your home. Let’s look deeper into composite and vinyl decking below.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is best used in homes whose backyards receive full sun for an extended period. Often, south-facing backyards fit this criteria. In addition to sun exposure, composite decking can closely mimic real wood. For homeowners looking for a deck that appears natural but without the short lifespan of wood decks, composite decking is a fine choice. This material is more durable than wood and requires very little maintenance. One or two power washes a year should be more than enough to keep your new deck in mint condition.

Vinyl Decking

If you are working with an unconventionally shaped backyard or are hoping for an unconventionally shaped deck, vinyl is the material best suited for the job. Vinyl will give your deck builders the ability to shape your deck to your liking without the limitations that come with other materials. This type is one of the most comfortable underfoot, and is another low maintenance option. One of the reasons that vinyl is the most popular is because of the plethora of colours and styles homeowners can choose from. Vinyl is adept at blending in and making a statement in your backyard, whichever suits your tastes.

When to Build

While the best time to start building a new deck is early fall, there are more factors to consider than simply the time of year. For instance, a new house without a deck may not suit homeowners who love to barbeque or throw backyard parties. Your home might be lacking a deck altogether, or perhaps the current deck is in severe disrepair. If your current deck is exhibiting signs of wood rot, warping, or something else, a new deck made from composite or vinyl may be the right call.

Kamloops’ Best Contractor

At Interior Elite Contracting, we value our relationships with our clients and aim to prove to you that you can trust our team to do quality work in your home. DekStar Exterior is our preferred deck provider. With quality materials at our disposal, you are sure to find your new deck is functional, beautiful, and durable throughout the years.

Interior Elite Contracting is your route to elevating your home with a new deck. To start a conversation with any of our friendly staff, contact us or give us a call at 250-828-9545.