spec home vs custom home which is right for me

Spec Home vs. Custom Home: Which is Right for Me?

Are you wondering whether a spec home or a custom home is a better choice for you? Deciding between a new complete build or creating your own home is a tough choice that homeowners can’t make on a whim. Ultimately, the decision between custom and spec homes comes down to personal preferences and priorities. We cannot decide for you what is best, but having a conversation to get accurate information will help us guide you to our best recommendation. If you are debating between the two choices, keep reading to learn more about each option.

Spec Home

A spec home is a fully built home that showcases our skills and is also available for purchase. If you are looking for a home tailored to your modern lifestyle but don’t have the luxury of time to custom-build a home, a spec home might be the better option for you. This way, you will get the same quality you would get with Interior Elite Contracting as if you worked with us from the beginning but without the time commitment. Our spec homes come with elegant features currently in style, including unique features like a standalone tub. Almost everything you could want from building a custom home with us you can find in our spec homes.

Custom Home

A custom home is a home that our team works diligently with you on to ensure every element is exactly what you need for your current stage of life. You will work with our skilled team to create a unique and attractive custom home fully built around your needs and wants. Are you looking for luxury finishes, accessibility, or a home gym or home office? At Interior Elite Contracting, we offer interior design services, build management, and more. Browse through our previous custom homes to get an idea of what your future custom home could be, and let our team know what you loved about these custom homes!

When to Choose Which Type of Home

If you are overwhelmed by the process of creating your own custom home, don’t let that stop you from planning the perfect home! Our team has worked with many clients over the years and can help make designing your home as straightforward as possible. When it comes to choosing a spec home or a custom home, you do not have to choose based on your ability to visualize what you want. But spec homes are an excellent option for people in a time crunch or people who love our already-finished home. Work with our team of professionals who can discuss your options and help you choose the right home option for you and your family.

Interior Elite Services for Kamloops, BC

If deciding between a spec home or a custom home is not an easy choice for you, talk to our staff today. We’d love to walk you through our building process and help you make a decision that fits your lifestyle. Contact Interior Elite Construction at (250) 828-9545 to get started on your very own custom home in 2024.