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Answering Your Home Renovation Questions

If you’re considering hiring a professional team of home builders to assist you in your home renovation project, or are looking for a complete overhaul, there are likely many questions on your mind. Interior Elite has experience working with homeowners in Kamloops on projects as big as building homes from scratch to replacing a single window. There are many questions that people have at the beginning of this process, so our team wanted to take the time to answer them for you here. Read about some common questions people in Kamloops have about home renovations.

Can I DIY My Renovations?

While some home renovations are more common for people in Kamloops to perform themselves, such as changing a light fixture, even simple tasks such as these can become complicated. When it comes to anything with wiring, insulation, walls, or the integral structure of the home, please never attempt to do these home renovations yourself. The risk to your health and safety outweighs the money you would save on your renovation; as well, many renovations may cause permanent damage to the home that can put even more of your home at risk. Should a DIY project go awry, this could impact your home’s value and saleability later on.

Trust a certified Kamloops builder to do it for you, saving yourself time and money in the long run. That company is Interior Elite Contracting.

How Much Will a Professional Renovation Cost?

Depending on the products you choose, the size of the project, and other various factors, a renovation done by professionals can have a wide range of pricing. A kitchen renovation to your Kamloops home will be priced differently than a full basement renovation. Our experienced project managers will work with you to ensure your renovations say within budget; the quote we give is the end invoice price.

We never start the renovation until all materials and fixtures are secured in our warehouse, minimizing the amount of time that the homeowners are impacted by the renovations. Our team will work with you to ensure your choices reflect your Kamloops lifestyle and work together cohesively.

How Long Will the Whole Process Take?

Each project is unique, and making an accurate estimate of when your project will be completed is a difficult task without more information. Home renovations for our clients have taken anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, from initial contact to completed renovation.

Time frames can be impacted by many factors including the scope of the proposed renovation, whether or not a building permit is needed for the project and ordering time of client-selected fixtures and materials. It truly depends on the renovation, time frame, and budget. For more information, contact us!

Is My Renovation Too Small for You?

We perform tasks as small as changing a single door or window for our clients. There is no home renovation too small for us to get involved. Interior Elite will take the hassle out of your renovations for you and let you enjoy the finished product. Our Kamloops team is at your service!

Interior Elite is the Kamloops area’s best choice for meeting your budget and time requirements without sacrificing quality.

Interior Elite Is On Your Team

Interior Elite will take the stress off your home renovation experience. We have exclusive partnerships with suppliers throughout Kamloops to ensure our customers have access to a wide range of fixtures and finishes to suit every style and budget. Take your headaches away with Interior Elite’s renovation services. Contact us today to get started.