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Upgrade Your Home with the CleanBC Better Homes Program and Interior Elite Contracting

Here at Interior Elite Contracting, an award-winning custom home builder in Kamloops and Vancouver, we understand the importance of creating homes that are not just visually stunning, but also sustainable and energy efficient. That’s why we’re excited to tell you all about the CleanBC Better Homes Income Qualified Program.

What is the CleanBC Better Homes Income Qualified Program?

This is an initiative by the British Columbia government that offers rebates to homeowners who wish to upgrade their windows and doors to increase their home’s energy efficiency. You can now replace your old windows and doors with new energy-efficient ones. This will reduce heat loss during colder months, maximize cooling in the summer, improve overall style, minimize your utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program provides a maximum rebate of $9,500, with a cap of $950 per every window or door that is replaced. Moreover, BC residents who are customers of Interior Elite can also receive up to $5,000 in federal rebates after an energy assessment is completed on their home.

How can upgraded windows and doors save homeowners money?

Inefficient windows and doors are major culprits of energy loss in homes, contributing to up to 25% of total heat loss during BC’s cold winters. This not only leads to higher utility bills but also a less comfortable living environment. As a custom home builder in British Columbia, we understand the unique climate challenges and can offer solutions that are tailored to the local conditions.

By upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills every year. ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors are up to 55% more energy efficient than average models. Overall, these upgrades provide a more stable indoor temperature, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems and creating a more comfortable and cost-efficient environment. In the long run, energy-efficient windows and doors are a wise investment for any BC homeowner.

How the program works.

To qualify for the program, your eligibility is based on the combined income of all adults in your home and the number of people living in your home.

The two income levels determine the rebate coverage:

  • Households with combined incomes less than Income Level 1 are eligible for up to 95% of upgrade costs.
  • Households with combined incomes less than Income Level 2 are eligible for up to 60% of upgrade costs.

Any BC homeowner can apply for the $5,000 Greener Homes Rebate. However, to qualify for up to $9,500 in rebates, you must meet the income qualification requirements and have residential utility accounts set up with BC Hydro, FortisBC, or your local municipal utility.

Don’t worry about the qualification process! As a registered contractor for the program, Interior Elite will take care of all the paperwork. Simply bring in the required documentation, and we will help you register and choose the windows and doors that qualify.

Getting started.

Only a few contractors in the Okanagan region are certified to offer CleanBC rebates. Fortunately, Interior Elite Contracting is one of them! As an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor approved to install home upgrades for the CleanBC Income Qualified Program, we can bring you one step closer to having energy-efficient windows today.

An investment in your home and your future.

Is upgrading your windows and doors worth it? Absolutely! In addition to cost savings, new efficient windows improve your home comfort. You – and your home – will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, thereby reducing energy bills.

Consider this rebate benefit breakdown:

  • Income-Qualified CleanBC Rebates offer up to $9,500 in savings.
  • Federal Greener Homes Rebates can help you save up to $5,000.
  • Greener Homes Rebates provide up to $40,000 with a 10-year interest-free loan.

Adding it all up, it’s clear that there’s never been a better time to upgrade your windows and doors!

Why choose Interior Elite for your renovation upgrades?

Interior Elite Contracting emerged from a desire to prioritize customer service and a passion for ensuring that every job gets done right the first time. We are recognized for our product quality and commitment to providing a stress-free experience that leaves customers with results they can take pride in. So, when given the opportunity to improve the comfort, efficiency, and value of our clients’ homes while simultaneously saving them money, we couldn’t say no!

Are you interested in upgrading your home’s energy efficiency at a lower cost? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Interior Elite Contracting. Call us today at 250-828-9545 or email for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let’s make your design dreams a reality while contributing to a sustainable future!