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Building a Custom Home: The Process

Wonder what the process of building a custom home is like? With Interior Elite Contracting, Our proven 4-step process makes building your custom home a straightforward process that you can follow along. At Interior Elite Contracting, we value transparent communication, always making sure each of our clients is aware of the stage we are in and any changes that need to be made. Read more below about our 4-step process for building a custom home in Kamloops, BC.

Step 1: Planning Phase

The capable in-house drafters at Interior Elite Contracting start off the process by drawing up the plans, and the design team converts them into a 2D or 3D rendering. With the latter, you’ll have the ability to walk through the concept in a virtual reality-like simulation and gather a detailed view of what your finished home will be.

Then, our team will visit the site to test the water table, soil, and the bearing capacity of the ground. Alongside environmental tests, the results will determine if there are necessary final adjustments before proceeding with the next step in the process of building a custom home.

Step 2: Foundation & Framing

This is the first step in which you will see a physical change to the plot of land. Excavation is done, and then we form and pour the footings. You’ll see the first big move: the foundation walls go up and will be insulated and damp-proofed. Next, you will get to make your first design choices: flooring, tiles, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and more all have to be chosen weeks in advance to prevent delays in installation later on.

Step 3: Interior & Exterior Trim

At this point, you’ll see the exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof appear. The roof is one of the highest priorities in this stage, along with windows and doors. This way, your new custom home will be protected from the weather during the remaining time of the build. We’ll create a basement floor and start on the electrical and plumbing. Now, you’ll be able to see the shape of the home starting to form.

Step 4: Finishing + Extra Services

This step will be the most exciting for the new homeowners. Interior Elite Contractors allow you to customize anything so long as the home meets necessary building requirements. From choosing the location of electrical outlets to fixtures, bathtubs to railings, This is where you will begin to see the project turn into your vision of home.

If choosing all the little details of your custom home sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Our interior designers will be right alongside you, helping you make cohesive choices that match your style and offering recommendations when you don’t have an answer.

Start Your Dream Home Today

Take the stress off of your custom home building process by building with Interior Elite Contracting. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, environmental sustainability, and positive social impact are just a few ways we aim to make Kamloops a better place to live. Interior Elite Contracting is here to help create homes for all that fit exactly what they need, no matter who you are. Don’t hesitate to reach out or give us a call at 250-828-9545 with any questions.