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How Much Should I Spend On New Cabinets?

Finding the perfect kitchen renovation contractor who understands what you need and, conversely, what you want in a new kitchen despite your budget can be time-consuming and stressful. To determine what is an appropriate budget for your kitchen renovations, consider the following factors. Find out more about cabinet price points, quality and more.

The Cost of Cabinetry

Choosing your cabinetry can be the most difficult and also most fun part of any kitchen renovation. Often, homeowners will have a rough budget for cabinets figured out ahead of time—but this can change when the renovation begins. For individuals who are not yet set on a price, many factors should be considered before the final number is set. While home renovation retail stores offer cheap solutions, the lower price typically means sacrificing a good warranty and buying low-quality materials.

Custom cabinets do not always need to be expensive. Varying sources will give you a range of prices from a couple hundred dollars to upwards of one thousand dollars, but the cost is truly unique to the cabinetry. At Interior Elite Contracting, we only work with durable cabinetry that comes with an excellent warranty. This is why our experts don’t typically install ready-made cabinets sold by chain retailers.

Quality vs. Price

Among the levels of cabinetry are varying costs. Style and aesthetics play a major role in what homeowners choose for their new cabinets. For example, a shaker cabinet is often a better price point than a natural wood cabinet. And budget-friendly doesn’t mean it will be an eyesore! Modern shaker cabinets are beautiful, and with the right handles, they can fit any home aesthetic. Cabinet makers are skilled in creating cabinets that will be the most functional for the household. If a home is in need of accommodating a wheelchair, cabinet heights and spacing can be modified to incorporate the needs of the individual. Custom cabinets have many benefits, including those listed below.

What Custom Can Mean for You

With Interior Elite Contracting’s team of experienced professionals, we can assist you in creating a functional and beautiful custom kitchen. Added luxury elements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Built-in custom drawer organizers
  • A fold-out mixer to free up counter space
  • Integrated spice racks and oil holders
  • Fold-out additional counter space
  • Specialized cabinets to hold all of your appliances

When cookie-cutter cabinets no longer work for you and your household, custom cabinets are how you can achieve your dream kitchen. Let your Interior Elite Contractor team member know exactly what you need, and we can make sure to see your vision through.

Interior Elite Contractor’s Benefit

The right kitchen renovation contractor can help you create the kitchen you need. With Interior Elite Contracting, our interior designer works with you to ensure the designs you want are integrated to the best of our abilities while upholding industry standards.

If you’re ready to make the kitchen of your dreams, Interior Elite Contracting is the kitchen renovation contractor for you. Contact us today to be one step closer to your renovated kitchen.