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What Are the Hottest Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2022?

Perhaps you recently visited your friends newly updated kitchen or have been browsing Architectural Digest and can’t get your favourite celeb’s home out of your mind. Whatever the source of your renovation spark may be, it’s time to delve into your options.

If you’ve been considering a kitchen renovation, you probably have several questions floating through your mind. What’s on trend for kitchen remodelling projects? What kinds of cabinets and finishings are considered sleek and which are outdated? Are people using stone, tile, or laminate flooring for their kitchens? Are kitchen islands still a thing? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options being presented, fear no longer. Here’s a breakdown of the hottest kitchen renovation trends according to the 2022 Houzz study:

Splurge on Countertops

Countertops are the most popular kitchen upgrade of 2022. Not only that, but this tends to be the area of the home people are splurging on, typically spending more than they had originally planned. Why? Because a quality countertop lasts a lifetime and completely transforms the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen.

What’s the most popular countertop material? As Kamloops home builders, we’ve noticed a long-standing preference for engineered quartz. However, according to Houzz, quartzite (a natural, porous stone that isn’t engineered unlike the former), is also gaining popularity in 2022.

Kitchen Islands Are Getting Longer

Studies show that nearly two out of five kitchen islands are over 7 feet long. Why? Many professionals are working from home permanently following the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, homeowners are needing as much extra space as they can get to not only bake and cook, but to work as well. Additionally, a larger kitchen island means more storage space below – which is always a perk.

Shake It Up with Shaker Style Cabinets

Homeowners are modernizing their kitchens with shaker style cabinets. Using a rail frame and panel construction design, these cabinets feature clean lines and hidden hinges. This subtle design draws the eye to more interesting details, such as the paint and finish of the cabinets. The second-most popular cabinet style is flat-panel. While shaker cabinets have a simple trim on the edges, flat panel has no trim at all. Both offer simplicity and minimalism, so it’s really up to personal preference and budget.

Open- vs Closed-Layout

For years, our team of Kamloops home builders have been remodelling kitchens to feature an open concept floor plan. However, only 38 percent of homeowners opened up their kitchen spaces in 2022 compared to 46 percent in 2020. This could be due to the increasing desire for privacy since work-from-home and remote schooling have become the norm.

Vinyl is Growing in Popularity

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood remains the most popular choice. However, vinyl flooring is quickly gaining traction, towering over both ceramic and porcelain tile in popularity. More than ever, our Kamloops home builders are installing this water-resistant, affordable flooring type into local kitchens. The soft, underfoot feel and incredible durability make it a popular choice for 2022.

Specialty Cabinets

With the chaos of the last few years, organization is on the rise. This is showing in homeowners’ preference for specialty cabinets and drawer organizers. Adding custom solutions to combat kitchen clutter, our Kamloops home builders are installing larger cabinets to hold cookie trays, drawers with pull out waste, recycling, and compost bins, and more.

High-Tech Features

Our society is growing more modern by the day – and homeowners are taking notice. According to Houzz, more than one-third of homeowners added new high-tech, kitchen appliances in 2022. Appliances featuring wireless, smartphone controls are becoming commonplace in kitchens. While some allow you to set the temperature of your oven from afar, others help you peek inside your refrigerator when at the store to double check your grocery list. All controlled from a handy-dandy app on your smartphone.

Make Your Kitchen Work for You

While it can be fun to peruse the latest trends, having the most modern, editorial kitchen is pointless if it doesn’t suit your needs and style. Consider functionality first, then fluff up those requirements with some aesthetic flare. Kitchens are more than a space for cooking. For families, they become a place to finish late-night homework, squeeze in some extra work hours, or have coffee with a friend. Knowing this, it’s crucial you incorporate functionality into your kitchen designs to make it work for your lifestyle.

Consult Our Kamloops Home Builders

In many households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place for people to gather, converse, laugh, and share a meal. Because this space is so heavily used, it’s important that it’s a place where people enjoy spending their time, while remaining true to your vision. As such, there’s a lot to consider when you embark on a kitchen renovation. Luckily, you don’t need to navigate this process alone. Our team of experienced contractors and professional home builders are here to help make your design dreams come true. Contact our team today to discuss your kitchen renovation project.