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Custom Home for the Ages – How to Design Your Forever Home

A forever home is a sweet term for the house you wish to stay in indefinitely. This could mean a home to grow old in, raise kids in, a space tailored exactly to your desires. Another turn of phrase is dream home. Dream homes often seem unattainable, and how do you decide when is the time to build your dream home? A custom home builder can seem daunting to find and design with, but it is always worth having a space that is perfect for you. A forever home is an investment, a creative challenge, and a dream that we can make tangible. Just because you have a house, does not mean it is a home. That is where the personal touch of a forever home comes in!

You want to create a good relationship with your Kamloops home builders, as they are the ones who will be helping actualize your forever home dream. A few things to think about beforehand when designing your custom home with them is duration of stay, location, size, and budget.

For now, or forever? 

While forever is in the name, we understand that it is sometimes unrealistic to stay in a house forever. If you are living somewhere shorter term, you still deserve to have a home that is just as curated to your needs and appreciations. This could be as simple as redesigning the kitchen – which is one of the most used and showcased rooms in a house.

If you are choosing to live in your home for the foreseeable future, you need to decide if you are building your house from scratch with Kamloops builders, or if you are renovating the bones of another house. Sometimes having a pre-constructed layout is helpful for focusing on the smaller details you want, while building from the bottom up can offer you more freedom with the flow of a space.

Either way, it is good to consider and discuss your lifestyle, needs, and hopes for the layout of your home with your custom home builders. You want something that speaks to you but is also classic enough that you won’t get bored of it in the future. An open floor plan versus a closed floor plan is a great place to start in creating the ambience of your forever home.


It is easy to get distracted by the aesthetic of the home and forget about where it exists. Location is equally as important in choosing your forever home as this is the area you will stay in, so you need to love it!

Things to think about when deciding on a location are your current and future needs.

Is the location close enough to your work? Are you someone who needs a quiet area, or do you prefer a busier zone? Do you want to be close to a school district if you have children in the future? Do you want a lot of green space in the area, such as parks? If you ever choose to expand your house what will that look like, and will it be possible in your area? Our needs change over time and you’ll want to live somewhere that will adapt alongside you!

Size and Layout

Try to anticipate your transition into the future with the layout of your house. Sometimes this means being aware that if you want levels in your house that as you age, it might be good to have a bedroom on the ground floor for when it starts to get hard to use the stairs. Predicting room usage is also helpful. Having a spare room can open up a lot of doors. You can create a home office space, a nursery, a room for your parents when they start to get old. All considerations that we might not think about until designing a home with our custom builders.


If you are not staying in the home long term, it will be easier to not spend as much money. If you stay in your dream house it is better to spend the money creating your dream than it is to sacrifice something you want. Remember, your forever home is an investment, and it is your choice on how you want it designed!