Image of new drywall being installed in house

How Long Does It Take to Drywall a New House?

Drywall is found in the interior of almost every modern home. This is due to the fact that drywall is relatively cheap, fire-resistant, quick to install, and easy to paint and attach objects such as shelves or artwork to. It’s one of the main steps in any home construction or major renovation project. As you may have heard, these projects are often stressful, expensive, and unpredictable. Understanding how long drywall installation will take will help alleviate some of this.

The time required to install drywall varies as a result of several factors which will be explored in this blog. However, this process can generally be expected to take between one and four weeks.

Project size

Obviously, the larger the project area the longer it will take to install drywall. An entire house will take longer to drywall than a renovation of a single room or a basement finishing project.

Frame complexity

The simpler the surfaces being drywalled, the less time will be required. Any windows, new walls, outlets, light fixtures, or curves will add to the time required to install drywall. The easiest drywall installation would be for a rectangular room with no windows, no outlets, and no light fixtures. Generally speaking, no one wants a room like this in their home. Therefore, drywall installations will take longer depending on which specific features are present in each area being drywalled.

Ceiling height

Just as with project size, the higher the ceilings the longer it will take to install drywall. Higher ceilings result in more surface area needing to be drywalled. So, more time is generally required. However, another factor at play is that drywall is often sold in 8 ft. sections. This means that any rooms with ceilings higher than 8 ft. will require much more time to drywall as sections will have to be cut in order to make up the extra space left by the initial drywall sections.

Finishing technique

Adding texture to drywall will add to the time required to complete the project. This may be worth it for some people; however, it will add to the cost and result in several more days being needed to install the drywall.

Crew quality and size

As with any other home construction or renovation task, the crew hired to do the job has a huge influence on the time and cost required to complete it. More experienced crews will require less time to complete a project. They will also minimize the risk of unexpected issues occurring, saving huge amounts of time and stress. Depending on your needs, larger crews will also generally be able to complete a project in less time than smaller crews. Costs can be similar for different crew sizes as the time needed will somewhat decrease with increasing crew size. The size of a crew is generally up to the contracted company as they can best allocate workers at different stages of the installation as needed.

Weather conditions

An often-overlooked factor in determining the time required to install drywall is the weather conditions during installation. This includes temperature, humidity, and sunlight. One of the crucial steps in any drywall installation is the application of several layers of mud. Before each layer is applied, the previous layer must be completely dry. The time required for each layer of mud to dry sufficiently can increase with lower temperatures, higher humidity, and lower levels of sunlight. Although these factors are difficult to control completely, they can be minimized with careful planning.

Choosing to install drywall during hotter and drier times of the year will ensure less time is required. In the event that a drywall installation is conducted during cold, wet, and/or dark conditions, equipment can be used to speed up the process. Dehumidifiers will reduce the humidity in the room while heaters will increase the temperature, both of which will speed up the mud-drying time.


Hopefully this helps answer your questions regarding the time required to install drywall and help you take into consideration the different factors involved when planning a home construction or renovation project involving drywall installation. For more information, reach out to our Kamloops home builders today!