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What You Can Do with Spec Built Homes in Kamloops, BC

Spec homes are high-quality homes that can be ready for occupancy more quickly than custom homes. Interior Elite Contracting spec homes will have the same effort and dedication put into them as any of our other builds, giving you the quality without the wait. Are you looking for a luxury home that’s ready for you to move in soon? A spec home might be the elegance you want in your next home. Keep reading about our spec homes below to figure out if a spec home with Interior Elite Contracting is right for your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Spec Homes

Deciding to buy a fully-constructed spec home built by Interior Elite Contracting comes with many benefits. Each home that we construct always gets 100% effort from us. We make them unique and use high-end materials to create a home that will last. It takes less time to prepare the home for you to move in, so that you can settle in your home quicker. With the existing homes in the real estate market selling older and often flawed homes, you can get a new home without the same competition. Our spec homes are built above the average, earning our team the honour of being nominated for the 2023 Keystone Awards. Interior Elite Contracting works with you to make the experience of getting your own home as hassle-free as we can so you can relax and enjoy having a new, modern home.

Our Past Homes

Interior Elite Contracting has built many spec homes over the years. Let’s take a look at some of our past builds. All of these options might appear in our next spec homes!


Beautiful split cabinet colours, modern black hardware, and a fully landscaped yard were just a few things we loved about this spec home in Kamloops, BC. A beautiful view from the backyard patio, this home has a welcoming standalone bath surrounded by marble tile that elevates your bath to the next level. You can take a look for yourself at the modern light fixtures and luxury colours that were put into this home.

Sun Rivers

Gorgeous shale accents greet you at the door of the Sun Rivers spec home in Kamloops. Notice the tailored lighting choices, specifically chosen cabinet colours, and large windows permitting natural light in every room. Even little details, like a stove hood and cabinet height, are carefully considered to create a clean-looking home.


Modern basement suites are not uncommon in new home builds in Kamloops. This stunning Edinburgh spec home incorporates every element down to the continuation of the backsplash around the counter space. The colours and fixtures pull the home together to make a home just ready for someone’s personal touch to make it shine.

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