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Renovating vs. Remodelling — What’s the Difference?

When it comes to home improvement, there are two main types that people lean into: remodelling and renovating. They’re two of the most common terms when discussing contracting, real estate, and interior design, and are often used interchangeably despite their significant differences. But what are the differences, and which one is right for you? The biggest distinction between the two is how deep the changes go. To renovate means to “revive” and to remodel is to “remake.” A renovation involves surface alterations; the structure itself is staying as is with cosmetic changes being applied throughout. Whereas remodelling involves demolition and construction, overhauling the structure completely. Let’s dive into the specifics of what each type of construction entails…

What is a Home Renovation?

Generally, a home renovation involves fixing, repairing, and updating a property. For example, during a kitchen renovation you might choose to switch out the cabinets and countertops. To refresh the bathroom, your Kamloops builders may apply a new coat of paint, install new tiles, and update old fixtures. Even if you go as far as to replace old plumbing or electrical systems to create a more energy efficient home, that’s all under the umbrella of renovation.

Renovating is typically more common than remodelling, due to budget and the different levels of interference. Compared to a remodel, a renovation allows you to make small changes that result in significant aesthetic and practical differences. The more budget-friendly option, you don’t need to overhaul an entire house or room to update your living space.

Here are some of the benefits of home renovations:

  • Can be less expensive than remodelling, especially if you’re doing some of the work yourself
  • May not require as much demolition or reconstruction
  • You can still use many of the original features and finishes in your home
  • Tends to be a more customizable approach since you’re working with an existing space
  • Can involve updating electrical, plumbing, and other systems in your home for optimal energy efficiency
  • May increase the value of your home

What is Home Remodelling?

On the other hand, a remodel is an incredibly exciting venture for homeowners. This process allows you to fully transform your home, starting with the external structure and working inwards. The layout will undergo substantial changes to modify the layout, size, and design of the home. When you buy an outdated property with a subpar layout, it makes sense to commit to a full remodel. Not only does this allow for complete creative freedom, but you also have the opportunity to truly build the custom home of your dreams.

Remodelling a home requires extensive planning – not just for cosmetics, but also to abide by zoning laws and property requirements. As such, it’s a good idea to work with an experienced custom home builder when embarking on a remodel.

Here are some of the benefits of remodelling your home:

  • Results in a completely new look for your home
  • You can customise every aspect of your new build
  • Requires more demolition and reconstruction than remodelling – often, everything but the foundation will be replaced
  • May involve upgrading outdated systems like plumbing and electrical wiring
  • Will likely enhance your property value
  • Can improve the overall functionality of your home

Looking for Kamloops Home Builders?

Whether you’re wanting to refresh your existing home with some renovations or build from the ground up with a remodel, it’s crucial you work with the right contractors. A team that prioritizes your vision, budget, and timeline is a must. With our Kamloops home builders at Interior Elite Contracting, we have the experience and skill to improve your living space, one decision at a time. To learn more about our renovation and custom home building services, contact us today!