Image of custom home built by Interior Elite

Home Building vs. Buying — Which Is the Best Choice for Me?

Are you frustrated with what you’re finding in the housing market? Perhaps that four-bedroom house on Oak Hills is nearly perfect, expect for its lack of bathrooms. Or maybe you found a house on 13th Street that has everything you want, minus a two-car garage.

Buying property is a huge decision – and is not one that should be rushed. When you’re on the market for a new home, you may discover that none of the listings feel just right. But you’re not alone! This is a hurtle many homeowners face, especially when it’s their first time scouring the market. However, the long-winded search for your dream home may be closer than you think. By opting for a custom home over an existing one, you can have everything you’ve ever wanted in a space. To help you determine whether a custom home is right for you, here are some pros and cons to consider:

Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Have you ever dreamed of building a home to your exact specifications, with all the fixings to make your life simple, beautiful, and precise? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this home can exist outside the colourful walls of your imagination. With the right custom home builder, you can choose the floor plan, designs, and aesthetic of your new home. While it sounds like a dream scenario, building a house from the ground up does require an investment of time, energy, and money. Here are some pros and cons to building a custom home:


1. Design your dream home

Above all else, the biggest advantage to hiring a custom home builder is the opportunity to design your dream home. You’ll be in control of the design, so whether you want a grandiose wrap around porch, an unobstructed view of the city with floor to ceiling windows, or a master-bath with a soaker tub, all is within reach when you choose custom. Plus, you’ll have access to professional interior designers, architects, builders, and landscapers – all of whom are experts in their field.

2. Choose your ideal location

When you build your home, you have freedom of location. Compared to buying a house listed on the market, you can prioritize your view, accessibility, and neighbourhood by purchasing land over a house.

3. Save on energy

The homes that are being built these days are equipped with energy saving technology to save you money long term. Compared to older houses, a new build can include appliances and systems that are gentler on both the environment and your wallet.

4. Safe materials

BC is filled with charming cottages and heritage homes. However, many of the materials used to build these homes in the 50s, 60s, and 70s are considered highly toxic or dangerous long term. Materials such as lead paint and asbestos are toxic to inhale, and aluminum wiring is a safety threat, increasing your odds of experiencing a house fire by 50 times. However, when you work with a custom home builder, they will use safe and optimized materials to ensure your home is built to last.

5. Lower maintenance costs

For the first few years, you won’t need to worry about renovation or maintenance costs. Since the home will be newly built, the cost of repairs is greatly minimized compared to buying a house on the market.

6. No need to outbid competitors

One of the most stressful parts about buying a home on the market is outbidding other interested buyers. When you work with a custom home builder, you don’t need to worry about inflated costs in the competitive housing market since you’re building your home from scratch.


1. More expensive

On average, it’s more expensive to build a custom home than it is to buy an existing one. Some expenses to consider are the cost of the land, labour, and materials such as the HVAC system, appliances, fixtures, roof, flooring, etc. While you can be more economical with your custom build or go full luxury with each and every detail, you will likely be investing more money initially in a newly built home.

2. Takes more time

When you buy a house on the market, you can move in as early as that day if the homeowners agree. However, with a custom-built home, you’re looking at a longer timeline between purchasing- and move-in-day. Depending on the time of year, the specifications of your build, and external factors such as weather, supply chain, and human error, your build could take upwards of a year.

Finding A Custom Home Builder

While there are important factors to consider when deciding if custom building is right for you, the chance to build your dream home from scratch cannot be beat. When you take the plunge, you’ll discover that a custom home is more than just a house; it’s a place where your friends will gather, and your family will grow. Even more than that, it will stand as a token of you that can be passed onto future generations. When you choose custom, you’re not just building for you. You’re building for your future!